Monday, December 19, 2011

Delivery Day ~ A Flying Fermenter

It was a long and exciting day getting our 4 fermenters, 6 serving tanks, 2 vessel brewhouse, hot & cold liquor (water) tanks, grist case and assorted other bits up to the fifth and sixth floor.

What To Expect ~ A New Brewpub in Whitefield

After 3 months here things don't quite look like this yet but will hopefully very soon. We have removed the windows on the side though. That should keep the brewery cooler and speed up construction. The brewery is mostly on the fifth floor with the grain mill and steam boiler on the sixth. Ceiling height is double in the brewhouse and a grist case is suspended above the mash tun. The auger run from the mill to the grist case is the shortest I've ever seen and should be most gentle on the grist. This brewhouse has the most stunning view from the brewdeck of any I've seen. There will even be grass and foliage up there! The equipment is all from JV Northwest in the USA and the brewlength (batch size) is 7 barrels or 820 liters. This is sure to be one of the best brewery's I've had the pleasure to work in.