Monday, October 14, 2013

The Craft Brewers Association of India is Formed

Last week representatives from six different Bangalore breweries met and formed the Brewers Association of India. Some of the goals of this new organization are to promote craft beer, lobby the State for more liberal laws, share helpful information, socialize over a few beers and possibly the staging of a group beer festival. The next CBAI meeting will take place Wed. Nov. 6th, 5 PM at the Biere Club. Commercial brewers (including those in planning) and allied trade companies that are interested in joining the CBAI can contact me for details.

Craftworks Beer News

  • A new (white) IPA is on-tap. It's a bit lighter than our standard IPA and brewed with 32% wheat. All this makes for a refreshing beer that still has a pretty good "hop smack".
  • The next batch of Oatmeal Stout is fermenting away. This one was intentionally made a little lighter and drier.