Saturday, March 16, 2013

Got Me A Stout

No, sadly I’m not talking about one of these cute Stout Scarabs. I’m talkin’ about the black stuff, Ireland’s national drink. This is the first Stout I’ve brewed at Craftworks and it will replace Porter temporarily. Unless of course the vast majority prefers it to the Porter and would like to see it on-tap permanently. This is, after all, the worlds largest democracy. Getting back to the beer - it’s big, black, smooth and roasty. The recipe is pretty simple and pays homage to Guinness by only using U.K. pale malt, flaked barley, roasted barley and the smallest bit of sour malt. Hops are only used at the start of the boil for bittering and are completely absent later as a finishing/aroma addition. This is quite a contrast to everything else I brew (Weizen excepted). Original gravity is 15.8° plato and the alcohol is 5.3% by volume. 
Happy St. Patrick’s day! Slainte...

Other Craftworks Beer News
  • I’ve been playing around with some different yeast strains in ongoing efforts to keep improving and am happy to have my favorite London Ale strain fermenting away. 
  • My first German-style Dunkelweizen is almost gone and was well received.
  • My second go at a classic Extra Special Bitter, brewed with 100% English malt and hops, has recently gone on-tap. 
  • The new hop crop has arrived and I was very lucky to once again score some of the most scarce and sought after IPA varieties. So our India Pale Ale will continue to have that intense hop finish and will probably remain the hoppiest beer in India.
  • And remember, the quickest way to find out when something new is pouring at Craftworks is to follow @Bangabrew on Twitter.