Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hefeweizen No.2 is On-Tap

I transfered my second batch of Hefeweizen to the cellar today and it is pouring. It's softer, less acidic and more complex than the first batch. It's a definite improvement and goes down quite nicely. This is the best selling beer at Craftworks. I'll be brewing wheat beer number three on Wednesday and plan on making it a bit darker by adding some Crystal and Munich malt.

Beery Factoids
Hefeweizen is a wheat beer of South German origin. Hefe means yeast and weizen means wheat.
Hefeweizen is cloudy because it is always unfiltered, wheat has more protein than barley and some yeast may be present. All Hefeweizen's are ales and made with grist that is usually 60% malted wheat and 40% malted barley.
A special yeast is used to ferment this beer that produces distinctive clove, banana and phenol flavours. Hop flavor should not be present. Hefeweizen should also be a little more carbonated than most other beer. All this makes for a very refreshing drink that goes quite well with Indian food and suits our hot climate very well. Prost...

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